About us

"Behind Banbona Belly Bands: The Visionary Founder's Story"

In 2017, the story of Banbona Belly Bands began with a mom who became a new mother herself. She experienced firsthand the challenges of postpartum recovery and wanted to find a way to make it easier for other moms.

So, with a lot of dedication and love, she started the brand. She gathered knowledge, did extensive research, and collaborated with experts like physiotherapists and midwives. Together, they worked tirelessly to create the perfect solution to help mothers regain their strength and confidence after giving birth. And that's how the Banbona Belly Band was born – out of a mother's passion to support other mothers on their postpartum journey.
Our future plans at Banbona Belly Bands are focused on continuing to innovate and support mothers and babies. We aim to expand our product line with more postpartum solutions and baby wellness products to meet the evolving needs of families. Additionally, we aspire to reach a wider audience, both nationally and internationally, so that more mothers can benefit from our offerings. Our commitment remains strong in helping mothers feel their best during this transformative phase of life.