Frequently asked questions

While our belly bands are thoughtfully designed to provide a personalized fit, it's important to acknowledge that body shapes, particularly during pregnancy, vary significantly from person to person. As such, we cannot offer an absolute guarantee that our bands will be a perfect fit for everyone. We encourage you to review our returns policy before determining if our Belly Bands align with your specific needs and expectations.

After giving birth, a woman's abdominal muscles and shape undergo significant changes. The abdominal muscles may remain stretched and weakened. Postpartum, many women experience abdominal discomfort, swelling, and a desire for additional support as their bodies recover. Our Banbona Postpartum Belly Bands (Day&Night) are specifically designed to address the unique needs of postpartum women. Made from elastic and breathable fabric, these bands offer gentle compression to the abdominal muscles. How the Postpartum Belly Band (Day) Works: The Day Band is crafted to offer support during daytime activities. It provides gentle compression to the abdominal muscles, improving posture, reducing swelling, and promoting comfort. Wear it throughout the day for added support during your postpartum journey. How the Postpartum Belly Band (Night) Works: The Night Band is designed for nighttime wear, offering the same level of gentle compression and comfort. It promotes restful sleep, supports the body's recovery process, and contributes to a sense of security during the night. Follow the provided instructions to maximize the benefits of Banbona's Postpartum Belly Bands (Day&Night). Always consult with your healthcare professional to ensure that these bands are suitable for your individual needs and recovery goals.

Whether you've had a c-section or a vaginal birth, you can start using the Banbona Belly Band Night immediately after delivery. However, it's important to consider your specific circumstances. Some individuals may opt to allow a 24-hour resting period before commencing the use of the band. If you have any uncertainties, we recommend consulting with your doctor or physician before use. To start wearing the Banbona Belly Band Day, it is advisable to do 1-7 days after a vaginal birth or 1-6 weeks following a c-section. Consult your doctor for advice if you have any uncertainties.

If you're currently pregnant, we recommend selecting the bands based on your pre-pregnancy clothing size. Our bands are available in two sizes: S/M and L/XL. If you find yourself between sizes, consider your pregnancy weight gain and the size of your bump to make the best choice. If you've had a moderate weight gain and your bump is on the smaller side, opt for the smaller size band. Conversely, if you've experienced significant weight gain and have a larger bump, the bigger size band is likely the better fit for you. S/L is designed for sizes 34-38, while L/XL is intended for sizes 40-44. For reference, our model is wearing a size L/XL band, and her pre-pregnancy clothing size is EU40.

What sets the Banbona Postpartum Belly Bands apart is its dual-layer compression straps that securely fasten around the front of the band. What truly distinguishes our bands are their unique material, made from fish-lined fabric that provides exceptional adjustability. In addition to the dual straps, for the Belly Band Day you can add extra bands for even more support. Moreover, its ingenious design from the bottom ensures there is no pressure on the lower belly or c-section scar, ensuring your utmost comfort and well-being. Our bands were developed in collaboration with Dutch renowned midwives, ensuring that the ergonomic design is scientifically backed. The material used is custom-made, highly flexible, medical-grade, hypoallergenic, and 100% latex-free. This composition offers a unique combination of maximum support while remaining exceptionally comfortable to wear, especially on sensitive postpartum skin.

While the bands is most effective during the first 2-3 months postpartum, you can still benefit significantly from wearing it starting at 4 weeks postpartum. This is especially true if you sense that your abdominal strength is still recovering and you could use additional support to enhance your posture.

The duration for wearing the Banbona Belly Band (Day/Night) depends on your specific needs. In general, we recommend wearing the band for 2-8 hours per day, particularly during activities that demand good posture. This includes times when you're nursing, pushing the pram, or lifting your baby, for instance.

Incorporating the Banbona Bands into your exercise routine can offer benefits. They contribute to engaging your deep core muscles, which can be beneficial for overall strength and well-being.

Say Goodbye to the Roll-Up Effect: Unlike many other belly bands on the market, our Banbona bands eliminate the common discomfort of the roll-up effect. You can move freely and confidently without the inconvenience of constant readjustment.

We strongly recommend wearing the Belly Band Night while sleeping. It is designed to offer extra comfort during breastfeeding in the middle of the night. The Belly Band Night is less tight around the waist and has no extra supports at the back, so you don't feel anything while sleeping.

We highly recommend wearing the belly bands on the Bamboo Band, an essential component always included in the belly band package (Day/Night). The Bamboo Band is crafted from bamboo fabric, renowned for its remarkable healing properties. Alternatively, you have the option to wear the belly band (Day/Night) over your clothing if you prefer. The choice is yours, but incorporating the Bamboo Band can offer added benefits and comfort during wear.