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Gain consistent support for your abdomen and waist during postpartum recovery with our Banbona Belly Band Package (Day + Night). This thoughtful package is designed to meet your specific needs throughout the day and night, offering two distinct belly bands tailored for different times.

The daytime belly band offers support and comfort while you go about your daily activities, ensuring you feel secure and well-cared. When night falls, the nighttime belly band takes over, providing gentle yet effective support while you rest and recuperate.

Advantages of the Banbona Belly Band Package:

Comprehensive 24-Hour Support: Supports ongoing comfort for the abdomen and waist during postpartum recovery.
Successful Postpartum Support: Aids in reclaiming your pre-pregnancy shape by addressing a loose or sagging post-pregnancy belly.
Muscle Support: Aids in promoting the recovery of abdominal muscles, addressing concerns such as Diastasis Recti.
Bamboo Benefits: Combined with a bamboo band.
All-Day Comfort: Ergonomically designed for comfortable wear during various activities.
No Roll-Up Effect: Eliminates the discomfort of the rolling-up effect common in other belly bands.
Back Support: Provides added back support, reducing strain and discomfort.
Antiperspirant: Features properties to keep you fresh and dry.
Post-Cesarean support: Providing added assistance, particularly after a cesarean section.

Banbona Belly Band Package (Day + Night) includes the following products: 

1x Belly Band Dag® (this is worn throughout the day) 
1x Belly Band Nacht® (this is worn at night while sleeping) 
2x Bamboo band for both day and night use 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

Overall quality and value easily make it a top choice. No complaints here – five stars well earned!

4 stars

I'd rate Banbona's day and night belly bands four stars. The comfort and support are fantastic, although I do wish the night band was a bit wider for an even better fit.

Very good price!

Very good price for two bands and two bamboo bands. The quality is top!

I am glad!

Good results! I used the bands during exercises and at night after 2 weeks. I asked my doctor and got positive advice to start when I felt I am comfy with my c-section scar. It really helped!!!


I was searching a lot for bands that help the belly recover after birth. And Banbona bands were seriously so perfect! I have used them now in 3 months from weeks one. They helped my muscles and belly form to go back as before. Thank you!