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Sleeping has an enormous positive influence on both the health and recovery process after pregnancy. During your sleep you give your body the opportunity to recover. That's precisely why we've created the Belly Band Night®.

Banbona's research team, with the support of renowned midwives, has designed the Belly Band Night® to provide optimal comfort and support during the recovery period. This specially designed band is not only ergonomic but also super comfortable, ensuring you get the rest you need while your body heals comfortably and effectively.

Moreover, the Belly Band Night® is tailored to offer exceptional comfort during nighttime breastfeeding sessions. It is less tight around the waist and has no extra supports at the back, so you don't feel anything while sleeping.

Advantages of the Banbona Belly Band Night®:
Crafted with Care by Midwives: Designed in collaboration with renowned midwives.
Enhanced Support: Support for the postpartum belly and waist during nighttime rest.
Comfortable Sleep: Designed for maximum comfort during sleep, ensuring a good night's rest.
Supports Breastfeeding: Offers extra comfort during nighttime breastfeeding, making those late-night feedings easier.
No Discomfort: Designed with a looser fit around the waist and lacks additional back supports, ensuring you can sleep without any discomfort.
Bamboo Benefits: Combined with a bamboo band.

By wearing the Belly band Night® in combination with the Belly band Day®, you make optimal use of these hours and the recovery process is also accelerated. 

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The best recovery time section: 
1-7 days after vaginal birth 
1-6 weeks after c-section 
*Recommend to ask for your doctor’s advice before using it if you have any uncertainties.

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Best choice for breastfeeding

Belly Band Night made nighttime breastfeeding a breeze. Comfortable and supportive—exactly what I needed. Highly recommend for breastfeeding moms.

Must have!!

This night band is absolutely must have!! The fabric and simple design gave me good night’s sleep without any irritation. I highly recommend this belly band for any new mom looking to enhance their postpartum recovery, especially during the night.